August News!

We have a new Tool Coordinator–Christopher. This is what she says about herself: “I love tools of every kind! I particularly like working on cars and hope to grow the NPTL line up of vehicle tools.
I’m an avid do-it-yourself person with many years of experience in home repairs and projects of many kinds. I am happy to be part of the NPTL and the community it serves.”


Please return your tools! Tools checked out pre-pandemic shutdown were due August 1st. The tool library is a community-based primarily volunteer-run organization. Keeping tools isn’t cool.

Please put on your mask and return your tools during open hours on Saturday from 9am to 2pm. You don’t need an appointment to return tools!

We request that you enter by the side gate and leave by the front gate.

We also request that after you’ve verified with a volunteer who you are and what tools you’re returning, that you put them away neatly in the annex.

To date we’re forgiving the fines, but at some point we’re going to stop. Please return the tools.


When can I pick up that pressure washer?

Ummm. Well, historically you’ve been hard on the pressure washers. So currently we don’t have one. We’d like to buy a really tough (expensive) one to see if that can last the year and are requesting specific donations for it. We’ll list the exact pressure washer we want soon. But if you’d like to donate to the pressure washer cause, put that note in with the donation.


How do I get a tool again?

If you want to check out a tool you need to reserve it in advance using the new system, MyTurn. Please note that the system is new to us and we’re implementing it as we use it so. . . there are some bumps.

*Please do not change the checkout period. Tools check out for one week. If you change the checkout period, your reservation will be cancelled.

*As of 8/8/20 we’ve reset the system to allow one renewal online. So you can check out that table saw for a week and, if no one has reserved it, you can renew it for a week. You can’t renew tools until you’ve had them checked out for at least four days.

Please don’t “reserve” the same tool you have checked out as a clever bid to renew it. We truly admire the cleverness, but we won’t honor this going forward.

And, yes, we realize that we’re never near the phone so you can’t call and renew. We’re trying to figure something out. But for now, you have to show up in person at least every two weeks to renew a tool. You don’t need an appointment of this. You know how to maintain social distancing. If it helps, we like to see you.

*The latest you can reserve a tool for pick-up on a Saturday is Friday. This allows volunteers to pull the tools put on reserve out of the basement for pick-up on Saturday.

*Please remember to pick up that tool that you put a hold on.

The North Portland Tool Library (NPTL) is dedicated to fostering sustainability and building community by loaning tools and providing practical education to residents of North Portland.

We currently have over 1500 power and hand tools. The library includes tools for gardening, carpentry, plumbing, electrical work, and–a new and growing collection–kitchen tools. We also have cool random tools that can improve your life such as a metal detector and a bike cart.

Do you think we should have a tool we don’t? Call or email us about donating one. Would you like us to be open more hours? Consider volunteering your time and energy.

Our tool list is representative of the kinds of tools we carry but our stock is constantly changing due to maintenance, repair and donations.

In many cases we have a more than one of each tool on the list in stock. The best way to get familiar with the collection is to stop by during regular library hours and take a look around.

You are also welcome to give us a call to see if the particular tool or tools that you need are available. However, we do operate on a first come, first served basis and the tool library can be very busy.