Pruning 101

This free pruning workshop by local expert Lydia Cox of Radish Gardens will cover the following topics:

  • Types of pruning cuts (heading vs. thinning)
  • How to make a proper/clean cut
  • Plant behavior after pruning (“reading” bud direction, how plants “heal,” etc.)
  • Determining what type of pruning is appropriate for different types of plants
  • When to prune to achieve the results you want (winter vs. summer pruning)
  • How to keep your tools clean and sharp

Head downstairs and check out pruning equipment after the free workshop!

Lydia Cox is a landscape designer, garden coach, and owner of Radish Gardens. Ready to grow your own food, support pollinators, and add beauty to your yard? Radish Gardens can help you meet your garden goals through edible garden planning, installation, and coaching; ecologically-based landscape design; land restoration planning; and knowledgeable pruning and landscape maintenance services. My goal is to help you enjoy a beautiful and productive landscape that reflects your personal style and meets your needs. Ready to get started? Visit